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The health and well-being of your precious animals and you is our passion! Whilst our company name is new, we possess vast experience from many past successful treatments in our clinic, in our client’s homes or on their farm. Our list of treated conditions include: colds and flues, wounds, pain, arthritis, bruising and swelling, sarcoids, blown tendons, abscesses and many more. We always enthusiastically embrace any other professions or like-minded people who would like to help us build our vision. If this sounds like you contact us.

The development of this wonderfully simple, gentle yet powerful treatment modality started over 20 years ago. Since this time the Bioptron has become the embodiment and main symbol of the light therapy field. Its efficiency, ease of use and safety has placed it in millions of homes world-wide and in a vast number of medical facilities and hospitals. It’s presence has brought health and happiness to thousands of homes over these past 6 years. Read more about it here.

SAFE: and easy to use, with no side-effects.
HEALING: and regeneration are accelerated.
PAINLESS: and relaxing.
FAST: and effective treatments.

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