Carpet Shops Nottingham

For many years, the Carpet Shop Company has been servicing the flooring needs of hundreds of homeowners and businesses in Nottingham and surrounding communities. We offer the finest floor covering products, expert flooring advice and superb installation. As an Authorized Karastan Dealer and a Mohawk ColorCenter® Dealer we are backed by one of the oldest and most trusted flooring manufacturers.

From the luxurious wool carpets to rich looking wood floors the Carpet Shop Company’s professional sales staff can help you decorate any room, or office and at affordable prices too. We sell only the finest flooring brands including Karastan, Mohawk, DuPont StainMaster, Congoleum, Armstrong, Wilsonart, Harris Tarkett, Couristan Rugs and many more.

Have you been investing much on furniture and appliances? Modern fixtures easily degrade when worn out so the best things to invest with are antiques – these timeless pieces grow old and yet these have values that never depreciate. Similar with the furnishings at home such as walls and flooring that in order to enjoy a lasting piece you need to choose the best kinds from authorized dealers.

The Carpet Shops Nottingham offers bigger discounts than most other carpet shops but with the same quality product. Its mission is to provide excellent customer service to both regular and walk-in customers.



Organic mattresses are beneficial to your health because they are made of materials that are safe and certified to be natural. Organic mattresses are safe for the environment as well.

Our former mattress was given to us as a wedding gift. We have slept on it for 15 years until our backs started to feel noticeably uncomfortable, and we have unanimously decided that it’s time to go shopping for a new one. Way back then, a mattress to me was as good as any other. Now, after a decade and a half, I have discovered that there have been a lot of interesting developments on this product and that there are a number of mattresses brands and types that I can choose from.


If you have shopped for mattresses lately, or checked out their prices in stores or on the web, you will find out that a new mattress is actually quite a big investment. The same is true both to your budget and your health. Who would have thought that something as innocent as a mattress can cause you numerous health hazards? Well, that’s what I discovered after I did a little research before shopping.

I only wanted to check the price range but I stumbled upon disturbing facts about the mattress I have been sleeping on for years. Fortunately, the little research I did also introduced me to a healthier and a best option – the organic mattress as shown here.