Choosing your next Ukulele

Mahalo have only one aim – to make you professional quality, at prices to suit the everyday player.
And that’s it.

We could tell you how they streamline their operations to ensure that prices are kept low. And tell you how they source materials responsibly, and how they ensure great quality control. If you really wanted, we could tell you what breakfast cereals they all like. (For the record, its anything chocolatey!)

But it still boils down to the same thing.

‘Tonewood’ Series Ukuleles
The ‘Tonewood’ Ukes are built to a very high standard, and come in 2 types – the ’60′ and ’70′ types (as denoted in the product code – ie UKT-60-NT or UKS-70-NT)

The ‘Type 70′ Ukuleles feature:


Solid Spruce Top
Mahogany Back and Sides
High Gloss finish (entire instrument)
Black binding
Aquila strings
The ‘Type 60‘ Ukuleles feature:

Solid Mahogany Top
Mahogany Back and Sides
Satin finish (entire instrument)
Diecast closed machine heads, with ‘Tortoise Shell’ type buttons
Tortoise Shell Binding
Aquila strings
Korala Soprano Beginner Ukulele – UKS-30
Beginner Ukuleles
The Beginner Ukes (or Type ’30′ Ukes) are also built to a high standard, but utilize different materials to keep the Ukes priced for those with a smaller budget. There are 10 colours in the Beginners Uke range.

The ‘Type 30′ Ukuleles feature:

Nato Top
Maple Back and Sides
Gloss finish (entire instrument)
Geared open machine heads, with black buttons
A choice of 10 colours.

Finding a great magician

Magician London has been thrilling audiences, young and old alike with his magic, for over 35 years. He brings a light-hearted, quirky comedy to his shows that make everyone feel like they are included in the fun and enchantment. Checkout Magician London performs comedy magic, illusions and manipulations. He does close-up and table-side magic.

Whether a children’s show, a birthday, a corporate event, a banquet, family reunion, or a festival, you’re sure to see a magic show to remember.

When you book a clown or magician with us, we make sure all children feel a part of the show, although your child is the star!


Magician’s Specialties Include:

  1. Fun-filled Magic & Clown Show
  2. Comic Juggling
  3. Puppet Routine
  4. Fun Magic

The show includes:

  • Fun Magic
  • Comic Juggling
  • Puppet Routine
  • All Children Included
  • Mom/Dad Included
  • A Fun Routine Teasing Mom/Dad

Your child may also choose one of the following illusions –

  • With the child on the table, we will ‘magically’ remove the table legs and run a hoop around the table!
  • Or, we can perform the ‘Saw in Half’ illusion on the child!

Balloon Sculptures and Face Painting can be added to the clown, magic, and birthday show packages or can be performed as a full show on their own.